Simon Anhof : Which country does the most good for the world?

Simon Anhof, Policy advisor for many governments, produced one of the ‘goodest’ (not a spelling mistake, you’ll understand) TedlTalk I saw, « Which country does the most good for the world? » presenting his ‘Good Country Index’.

For him, a ‘good’ country is not (only) looking inwards to make their people richer or happier (in a ‘seflfish’ way), but outwards, caring to do good to its neighbors and the world. So Simon Anhof collected data on the good things they are doing and the image of the country seen from outside. The result show a surprising ‘goodest’ country in the world (not the ‘best’, which has a different meaning), but I won’t spoil the video 😉  I’ll only say that it is not France, but it does quite nicely … And I hope this will be improved in the future.

Only one regret : he does not mention … Europe !

Simon Anhof’s discovery is exactly the same idea we have : a company’s (or a product, a service, etc) goal is to create value(s) for its stakeholders ! Simon Anholt has discovered the same reality that :

They all discovered that in a ‘system’, everything is interconnected and interdependent, that the goal is more important than the cause, that the goal is always outside as in the future, that goal change with people values …

Join us in the LinkedIn group Valeur(s) & Management to discuss this and build a ‘gooder’ world, at a country but also town, company, job … levels !

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