Bye, Bye, Human Resources? by Ben Whittier

AirBnB HRBen Whittier leads the Organisation and People Development function for The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). He just published an article « Bye, Bye, Human Resources? » about the changes happening in the HR function : from Human Resources to Employee Experience.

Companies innovating in client experience tend to also innovate in employee experience : AirBnB, Google, Southwest Airlines … « because the employee experience, to a large extent, is the business« . Major HR consulting like McKinsey & Co. or Korn/Ferry International support this « people before strategy » approach of HR.

AirBnB’s Chief Employee Experience Officer Mark Levy targets creating employee optimal experience at all levels : physical, intellectual, emotional, aspirational and virtual (see figure 1).

I could not leave it without a comment :

This is another demonstration that value(s) are created by people for people.

And that employees are not ‘part’ of a company : they are in contractual relationship !

Companies have to focus on creating value(s) for each of their stakeholders : obviously employees are one of the category to be cherished, besides clients but also suppliers and other partners, environment and society, not forgetting shareholders and both investors.

Creating value(s) is making sure each of the company stakeholders perceives receiving more that that he gives, on all the levels expressed in the article : physical, intellectual, emotional, aspirational …

Each employee should think he receives more, in money, status, respect, development, happiness, security, work conditions, relationships … than what he gives in time, motivation, skills …

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