What Burning Out Taught Me About Prioritizing My Work, by Carson Tate

carson tateCarson Tate, specialist in personal development, insists  on prioritizing : focus on impact rather than output !

This is just what we meant when pointing out the limits of Lean in process optimization, when it is limited to optimizing ‘inside the box’ = avoiding steps not useful to the output, and not optimizing the output itself = check if the output is useful to someone !

Focusing on the real needs of the people involved is key. It is either so easy (just ask first ?) and so difficult (we are trained at asking for solutions and not expressing needs) ! But a systemic approach and the Value(s) mindset helps doin this, not only in personal development but also for product development, process optimization, business models setting …

Another « must read » : « What Burning Out Taught Me About Prioritizing My Work« 

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