McK : « Business, society, and the future of capitalism »

Quelques extraits de l’interview de Paul Polman, CEO de Unilever, publié dans McKinsey Insights & Publication de May 2014 :

  • « Business is here to serve society. »,
  • « … some skills are becoming more important, such as the ability to focus on the long term, to be purpose driven, to think systemically, and to work much more transparently and effectively in partnerships »
  •  » Because it takes a longer-term model to address these issues, I decided we wouldn’t give guidance anymore and would stop full reporting on a quarterly basis … To reinforce that message externally we focused our effort more on attracting the right longer-term shareholders to our share register… Thinking in the long term has removed enormous shackles from our organization. « 
  • « We have a unique opportunity to create a world that can eradicate poverty in a more sustainable and equitable way … Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are very important, … but if you want to exist as a company in the future, you have to … make a positive contribution. »

pour voir la vidéo : cliquez ici

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