McK « The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world »

mckMcK again puts the right point : in the December 2016 issue of McKinsey Global Institute Report, an article about « The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world » shows that big data does not (yet) lead many sectors and companies to big business ! 
This is partly due to lack of availability of devices to capture and retrieve data. But also (mostly ?) because « many are struggling to develop the talent, business processes, and organizational muscle to capture real value from analytics. » 
Let me reword this : it is not ‘data’ that are valuable, it is the (strategic) questions asked, which then can be answered more easily by adapted analysis processes with relevant data, more and more available today ! 
 « The first challenge is incorporating data and analytics into a core strategic vision. The next step is developing the right business processes and building capabilities, including both data infrastructure and talent. »
Rewording again : 1° « what for » is the company ? 2° « what is enough » in processes to achieve this ? 3° With whom do we have to work on this ? Then, find the answers by asking stakeholders, or finding their answers in available datas …

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