VDI Intl Conference – Value Management Practice 2016

logo-vdiWissensforumOur German colleagues from VDI organize in Munich end of April 2016 their next international conference :

 » Companies and their products are exposed to worldwide competition. The development of new products and the optimization of existing products is a continuous task to be fulfilled by all affected departments of the company. Products are not only products in the narrow sense, but also processes and services.

Value Management: Secure Progress – Progress Securely

They all have in common to confront competition and to secure the progress. A standstill of development would cause dramatic long to mid-term consequences. The future must be planned in a structured way. This can be supported successfully by VA/VE and Value Management: The alignment of the company itself, the identification of the right projects on the basis of the company strategy and the peripheral conditions, the analysis of the products and the competition, the work on products as well how to implement the solutions found, all this contributes to the assurance of progress.

The key topics will be :

  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering as innovation driver 
  • VA/VE and Industry 4.0
  • Successful application of methods and tools
  • International case studies from industry and services
  • The human factor – momentum of relationships
  • Areas of application of VA/VE

I’ll have the opportunity to present the Value(s) approach : « What for ? A system approach to find purpose, reconcile value creation and human Values » in the panel discussion on the Topic “Human Dynamics”.

You’ll find the Conference details on the VDI conference website, the organizers website or on the attached document : 08TA001016_engl. Programm final_18.12

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