« What is it for ? a system approach for value(s) creation » edited at last !

The edition of  « What is it for ? a system approach for value(s) creation », translation to English of the book « A quoi ça sert? » has been possible, thanks to the deadline put by Istvan Tarjani for the deadline he put on organizing the 6th SAVE-Europe Conference in Budapest last week.

The collective book « Valeur(s) & Management » edited (sorry, in French) in 2013 and re-edited end 2017 describes 22 corporate performance methods : Blue Ocean, Shared Value, CSR, Value Management, Business Analysis,  Eco-design, Lean, Redesign to Cost …

It also shows their common source in systems thinking and the Value(s) mindset. The book « What is it for ? » present this Value(s) mindset, its systemic roots and application to all kinds of corporate performance issues to examples taken from real consulting experience: what for … a company? Purchasing? Processes? Organization? Training? Time? … Life?:

How can the economy generate either more value creation and more respect for values? How can we do more (good) for more (people) with less (resources)?
The key question is « What is it for? « . Combined with 2 other key points of the Value(s) reasoning and with system modeling, it is of such a power for innovation and efficiency that one wonder why we use it so little?

« What is it for?  » leads to collective intelligence and common sense. It goes much further than Cartesian thinking by implementing System thinking.

Our utopia: in  times of disruption and innovation, allow each transformation manager and each team to use Value(s) thinking to achieve his objectives and contribute to value(s) creation.

Let us dream tof a company where:

  • Strategy would target delivering more value = more satisfaction and less costs to each stakeholder
  • Products and services would enthusiasm actual and future customers, improve employees skills and well-being, develop suppliers long term strength
  • Each function would be managed with KPIs showing its contribution to these goals and to the success of the other company’s functions
  • Industrial and information processes would produce only outputs useful to these functions role for company’s stakeholders, with efficient production and IT systems
  • Each actor would bring its time, skills and motivation against not only money but also well-being at work, a sense of personal and collective usefulness, and long term personal achievement
  • Each person would achieve its goals by collaborating to others’ goals, in the respect of each other’s values
A company with more value(s) in management !

The book « What is it for ? a system approach for value(s) creation » has been published in paperback on Amazon and the ebook offered to each participant to the Budapest conference.

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