Navi Radjou « Frugal innovation: a pioneering strategy from the South »

In a new article published in « Regards sur la terre » Navi Radjou goes on advocating for ‘frugal innovation’ : a way to innovate faster, better and cheaper in the West, by copying the new approach pioneered in the South.

While first spotted by Navi Radjou in India, the ‘jugaad‘ way of thinking is found in many other developing and emerging nations like China, Brazil and some African countries, pioneering frugal innovation – a new model of innovation that is diametrically opposed to the costly, rigid and elitist R&D-driven approach to innovation prevalent in the West.

Our V&M readers already know that this approach is not only pioneered in ‘low tech’ worlds (and Navi Radjou underlined by pointing to another recent article in This ‘new’ way of innovating is shared by many methods taking their root in the ‘system’ approach.

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