Anything Model Canvas : a common ‘systemic’ background for BMC and other methods ?

A post has been added to the hub to test BMC users on this topic :
The Business Model Canvas obviously comes from practice and collective intelligence.
Is there a scientific background to it ?
Our « Valeur(s) & Management » think tank of experts in all fields of corporate performance, from strategy to purchasing, industrial processes to IT, CSR to coaching … joined in France to highlight the concepts underlying their ‘local’ methods : Blue Ocean, Business Analysis, Eco-Design, Lean, Solution Focus, Sustainable Purchasing, Value Management, Values Leadership …
The concepts they share :
  • system approach, where things are defined by their goals and modelled from their relations and flow transformations with elements in their environment (ecosystem)
  • value reasoning, where value = perceived usefulness / perceived costs
  • The importance given to meaning and purpose, and to the dialogue with people involved or impacted : the stakeholders
The system approach especially shifts away from the Cartesian paradigm at the heart of classical science, allowing stakeholders to model their complex interactions, pinpoint unfulfilled needs and scattered resources, and innovate to deliver more value(s) = needs better served with less resources.
Other very effective newly developed performance methods share these concepts (more often in an implicit way) : Design Thinking, Shared Value, Jugaad innovation … and Business Model Generation / Value Proposition Design !
When applied to a company, the system model comes exactly in line with the BMC ! Il allows to consider ‘value proposition‘ not only for clients but all the company stakeholders (suppliers, employees, shareholders, society, environment …).
And ‘system model‘ can be applied the same way to the company processes, IT, products … so that the same ‘canvas‘ can be used coherently at any corporate level.
Do other BMC users share this view of a common ‘system‘ background ?
Are you interested in developing an ‘Anything Model Canvas‘ to be used at all corporate level, along with the BMC ?

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